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4 Reasons Why you should ALWAYS keep your CV up-to-date!

Having a professional, up-to-date CV that highlights your key skills, experiences and qualifications is an invaluable tool when you’re hunting for a new job.

Most people will painstakingly list all of the above on their CV, often spending a large amount of time deciding which is the most relevant and even adapting said CV for different roles they are applying for.  It’s a lot of effort – and, if all goes to plan, you’re rewarded with a new job!

So then what?

Well – the fact is that once the CV has landed the candidate the job, it tends to get forgotten about – especially if the candidate stays in the same role (or the same company) for any length of time.
Is this an issue once the CV has done what you needed it to do?
The short answer is, yes, it could be – and here’s why!
  1. The Worst Happens
No one wants to think about downsizing, or redundancies etc., especially if they’re happy in the role they’re in.  Unfortunately, this is a possibility that no one is immune to – and if the worst were to happen, having an up-to-date CV means that you can jump straight in to looking for a new job without scrabbling about for details you need to update your CV.  Because, let’s face it, you’ve got enough on your plate to deal with!
  1. The Best Happens
So you’re quite happy in your role, feeling about as secure as you could possibly be – you’re going places in this company!
But then … out of the blue, you get a once-in-a-lifetime offer that you never thought you’d get.  It takes you by surprise and you’re completely unprepared. 
You’re asked for a copy of your CV.
If you aren’t able to produce one immediately, it could potentially mean the difference between a job offer and none.  Scenarios like this don’t happen every day but they’re NOT unheard of – so, much like the Scouts, always be prepared!
  1. In Case You’re put on the Spot…
It’s always nice to be nominated for something (like an award, or to go on a special project team).  Perhaps not so nice is being asked for a CV to back up the nomination and having to scrabble something together that doesn’t do justice to just how fantastic you really are!
A regular review of your CV, ensuring key accomplishments and experiences are included and the earlier out-of-date ones are superseded where necessary does not take that long if it’s something you schedule time in to do every three months or so.
  1. Focus
Even if it’s something you never ‘use’ to leapfrog to something else, a regular review of your CV can give you time to focus on you – whether that’s time to reflect on whether your career is going the way you wanted it to, or whether you feel that you could benefit from a particular training programme, it is the perfect opportunity to do this.
In summary – having an updated CV that showcases you in the best possible light can only be a good thing!  Like insurance, you might be lucky enough to never need it – but if you do, you’ll be thankful that you have it!