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Automotive - A rapidly evolving industry with career opportunities for all

The Automotive sector is one of the UK’s most exciting industries, creating innovative solutions in areas of vehicle design, development and production.

Apex Recruitment is one of the leading automotive recruitment companies in the country and is immersed in all aspects of the automotive sector from the design, test, production, manufacture and launch of current vehicles to areas of research and development such as battery technologies, autonomous vehicle technology, V2V communication, augmented reality cockpits and energy-storing body panels.

Demand for top candidates is high within this growing industry and it’s no secret that this sector is suffering from a shortage of specialist automotive engineers and technicians. Apex works with both clients and candidates to ensure that demands are met and careers are built, offering long term opportunities for our contract professionals as well as those seeking permanent placements.

Apex can help shift your project into a higher gear

Apex works with the leading automotive companies in both the UK and across Europe to supply automotive industry knowledge and experience along with the provision of automotive engineers and technicians. Due to the close partnerships that we form with our clients we take as much pride in their achievements as they do.  As a result of these relationships, we're in a prime position to provide the highest calibre of candidates to our clients.

The right people, with the right skills, at the right time

Whether it is a short-term project or a long term assignment, we recognise that there is a higher reliance on skill level and experience of people than ever before. The best candidates will have the relevant skills or experience for the role, and additionally, due to the time that we take to understand the culture of our clients, our candidates will excel because they have the right attitude and are the right fit for the organisation too.

We recruit across blue and white-collar roles encompassing the full spectrum of the automotive industry. Below, you will discover the areas in which we recruit:

White Collar


Computer Aided Engineering has proven to be an increasingly competitive area for companies looking for the right talent for their teams. We have worked with candidates ranging from F1 Aerodynamicists to HGV Stress analysts.

Typical roles we recruit for include -

Modelling, simulation, Calibration, analysis and optimisation in a wide range of specialist areas such as –

  • Crash
  • Structures
  • Powertrain
  • Areodynamics

Software Engineering

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the use of software within the modern motor vehicle continues apace.  At Apex Recruitment we recognise this change and we are now working with both existing and new clients within the automotive sector to provide them with the skills and knowledge that they require.  

Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Java Developers
  • Embedded Software engineers
  • Front End developers
  • Technical Authors

Design Engineering

Placements ranging from engine design and packaging to component verification and development.

Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Catia V5 and Catia V6
  • SolidWorks
  • Unigraphics
  • Pro-E

Project Management

In all its guises project management forms the glue holding many essential processes together. We have developed a keen understanding of the intricacies of both Commercial and Technical Projects and have had many successes matching candidates with their next challenge.

Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Whole Vehicle
  • Planning/Coordinating
  • Launch
  • Project engineering


Blue collar

One of the strongest sectors under the Apex Automotive umbrella, our automotive blue-collar stream has built up a strong reputation in the automotive industry. We regularly supply skilled personnel to large automotive OEMs, de-fleet companies and specialist suppliers alike.

As the automotive industry continues to experience exponential growth, it has resulted in a shortage of highly skilled personnel. However, we pride ourselves on our streamlined recruitment process which allows us to attract and retain the top talent in the following areas -


Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Vehicle Fault Diagnostics
  • Auto-Electricians
  • Electrical Fitters


Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Vehicle Technicians
  • Launch and Event Support
  • Mechanical Build
  • Prototype Build
  • Build technicians


Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Panel Beaters
  • Preppers
  • Painters
  • Smart Repair technicians
  • Valeters


Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Trimmers
  • Strip and Re-fit


Typical roles we recruit for include -

  • Production Operatives
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Fabricators
  • Welders
  • CNC Operators

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