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Now is the time is to reflect and plan!!

Are you one of the increasingly large numbers of people placed on furlough?  What even is furlough.  The phrase has gone from being pretty much unknown to being added to the vocabulary of so many.  Furlough is defined as a “temporary leave of absence from work.  This can be due to economic conditions affecting one company, or matters affecting the whole country” (Source: CIPD).  The UK government introduced the Corona job retention scheme (“furlough”) on 26th March 2020:

I have spoken with a number of people that are now on furlough, and they find themselves in a very strange place – basically being on holiday but not being able to leave their home.  So many of them are using it as a rare opportunity to kick back, relax and reflect.  In today’s modern society we are always so busy, the calendar is booked up for months in advance and now all of a sudden we have nothing booked in other than a few zoom calls with family and friends who you don’t normally see for years at a time!!

So, let’s make use of these unique circumstances and don’t waste them.  Use the time to upskill yourself, reflect on your job and start to plan for the future post lockdown!!!

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