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Is lockdown, getting you down? Now is the time for action…………

Over the past few weeks, I think that most of us have been thrust into a very unfamiliar working environment.  Having attended a conference call this morning with a number of owners of small and medium-sized businesses it is interesting to hear the emotions that are being felt.  Words such as “uncertainty”, “unsure”, “scared”, “exhausted” were all used - many of which are directed at the mental health challenges that Coronavirus and lockdown are presenting us with.  

After three weeks of lockdown and perhaps the usual flood of work reducing to a trickle, now is the time for self-discipline and setting yourself new targets – ones that will keep you motivated and interested.  Now is the time to be positive and identify what you can do to maximise this period of our lives which I (am hoping) we will never get to experience again.

Below I have made 5 suggestions as to what you can be doing with your time to make sure you are ready for the release from lockdown:

  1. Training – How often do you look at yourself and realise that you are investing time in either training or providing training to your staff, but you are neglecting yourself?  Find webinars, youtube videos and articles and aim to get better in at least one thing

  2. Admin – Boring I know, but how many of us have files and documents saved on our computer that don’t really need to be there and are taking up valuable space – quite often costing you money as part of your IT back up.  Clean up your personal drives, shared drives and reorganise your folder structure to mean something! Emails – go through them and delete the ones you don’t need and have a sparkling inbox!

  3. Fitness – It can be easy to plonk yourself in front of your computer and eat the kid’s Easter Eggs.  BUT before you do that, why not set yourself a fitness programme that you do every morning.  Joe Wicks is hot property now, but he is not the only fitness guru out there so do a quick search on Youtube and find the one that’s right for you!

  4. Marketing – as business owners or senior business leaders we are expected to know a lot about everything!!  Marketing always feels like something that is left to someone else.  Well now is the time to understand marketing in 2020 and what works and how to increase your marketing presence.  This could make a huge difference to your business for the next 6 months.

  5. Review your statistics – How often do you get presented with facts, tables, graphs, and other data but don’t really take the time to review this data and understand what it is telling you?  Take away the emotion and review things like: what was selling well, what services were selling well, who is performing well in your business and who isn’t, what are going to be your growth markets after lockdown.  What additional knowledge do you need to maximise your opportunities?  Find the information out NOW so you hit the ground running.

Hopefully the above has provided you with some ideas and inspiration as to what you can achieve.  Don’t wallow in self-pity, don’t let lockdown get you down, now is the time for action!

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