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Each week, we work with international OEMs and high-growth SMEs to place dozens of candidates into interesting jobs tailored to their skillsets and passions.  

Why do candidates choose Apex Recruitment?

It’s quite simple, we understand that finding the right job and career is more than just filling a role and ticking boxes on a job specification: it’s about matching cultures, personalities and ambitions. We are committed to understanding you and your career goals to find you a role that matches your personality and professional aspirations.   
We have built a successful and loyal network over our 40-year history. We continue to experience exponential growth and our client base grows. In doing so, our candidates gain access to a wide range of potential employers within the automotive, engineering, manufacturing and commercial sectors, greatly expanding their career opportunities. Moreover, industry experience means that our consultants are extremely well-equipped to provide high-quality career advice to further excel your career.   
Start your job search with Apex today and see what career opportunities we have for you. 

Register your CV online or call our office on +44(01)926 424154 to speak to one of our expert consultants.