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automotive case study
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Background and Client Objectives

Our large global OEM client, based in the heart of Warwickshire, approached Apex Recruitment in June 2014, when a need arose to grow their business unit. The division’s Director was looking to add to the capacity and capability of the team to enable the company to launch pre-production vehicles to the global commercial market.

Prior to this assignment, our OEM client had worked with our Chairman Keith Marchington, our Directors Richard Marchington and Neil Johnson, in addition to the Automotive team, having successfully delivered an exceptional service as an existing recruitment provider since 1986.

Our relationship with the client has steadily grown over a 28 year period commencing with 4 temporary staff and progressing as a Tier 1 supplier on both the permanent and contracting PSL. Over the course of this relationship Apex have also broadened their range of services available to the client and they now have a bespoke recruitment package in place which greatly supports their plans for growth and expansion.

Apex are renowned for building and nurturing relationships with clients by staying acutely aware of the client’s business needs and having the unique ability to be flexible with these changes. In nurturing such a relationship we have been able to ensure continuity of service with our client resulting in a lack of business interruption. Our client has a dedicated team of Apex professionals supporting their account with a full understanding of job specifications and categories. Due to our ability of identifying the highest quality of candidates for the roles our client has maintained low attrition rates of personnel. Furthermore, our ability to uphold the supply of high volumes of staff with exceptional quality against stringent deadlines has further cemented our position as trusted and respected advisor to the client.

As always, this project was treated with the high standards and practices which Apex set and adhere to. On receiving our objectives and project deadlines for this assignment, we compiled a strategic recruitment plan outlining our strengths, network and capability in the niche area of our client. In doing so, we once again successfully met and exceeded all goals and expectations.

How we demonstrated this:

  • A proven track record of supply to the business (352 unique candidates have been provided to the client’s sites since 2010)
  • Our ability to source ‘hard to find’ candidates in a difficult market, through networking, headhunting and a mix of traditional and innovative sourcing approaches
  • Our strong relationships with the business/hiring managers and the in-house recruitment team
  • Apex’s existing in-depth knowledge of their business, culture and brand values
  • Our candidate experience policy, with specific emphasis on the promotion of the client organisation

We also demonstrated our ability to supply the right people, with the right skills, at the right time, by delivering on their requirements throughout the application process. Despite the client’s requirements increasing mid-way through the project from 80 contractors to 130 contractors, our team adapted efficiently to these changes. Through consistent, clear and concise communication they successfully filled all roles, and delivered strong, qualified candidates for the contracting roles available.

Following Apex's successful appointment of contractors, we continues to share an enviable client relationship with the internal recruitment team and both organisations enjoy a mutually beneficial partnership.

The Results:

  • We received excellent feedback from the client on meeting their requirements on time
  • Apex Recruitment remains a trusted recruitment partner to the client
  • New areas of the business were opened up for recruitment opportunities
  • Apex currently have over 180 contractors in this area and 85 will have gone permanent (one quarter of all people provided) by end of March 2015