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Certification and Homologation Engineer

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Salary: £29 - 30 per hour

Location: Solihull, West Midlands

Job Type: Contract

Date Listed: 14 May 2021

Reference: 4894

Role: Certification and Homologation Engineer

Location: Solihull

Contract type: Ongoing contract

Salary: £29 - £30 per hour

Role: The role is the `Certification Expert’ for Manufacturing Engineering and will be responsible for all aspects of certification mark (CE) that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). The role is to lead the CE Marking of the work completed by the Manufacturing Engineering department and to ensure there is compliance to the standard. Responsible for the development of the overall Certification Strategy and its dissemination across all technologies within manufacturing, via the technology forums.

  • To Lead the manufacturing engineering team in support of the certification strategy
  • To lead and provide guidance on the compilation on the technical file
  • To define and set up the framework and procedures
  • To lead and provide guidance to the whole department on how to achieve CE
  • To support the early set up on new technologies by coaching people when they get stuck; determining the legislation which needs to be followed and to provide process confirmation Manages the requirement to CE Mark from Proposal to sign off


  • Experience in a machine build industry where they have been involved in CE marking of equipment including risk assessments, compliance certification, technical manuals and so on. Experienced in conformity assessments via notified bodies (work towards notified body status)
  • Framing work and procedures for modification to existing systems with regards to the stage of the safety cycle of the machine to which it returns.
  • Be able to determine the strategy to get the machine back to normal operation post modification with regards the magnitude of modifications applied.
  • Knowledge of the Machine Directive and awareness of other relevant directives.
  • Able to read, understand, interpret, and implement the requirements of the main EU Directives and their UK Regulatory equivalents with regards to machine building and assembly activities.
  • Machinery Directive - Supply of Machinery Regulations Low Voltage Directive - Electrical Equipment Regulations EMC Directive - EMC Regulations Pressure Equipment Directive - Pressure Equipment Regulations
  • Understand the Essential Health and Safety requirements and how to use harmonised standards to assist the mitigation of risk.
  • Understand the hierarchy of the harmonised standards type A to C recognising "special" equipment that requires the implementation of type c standards.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience required:

  • Degree or equivalent in a technical subject area.
  • Understand risk reduction strategy of inherently safe design, safeguarding and protective measures, and information for use (organisational, PPE, training etc.)
  • Provide risk assessment, evaluation, and risk reduction strategies for identified hazards associated with tasks and foreseeable misuse throughout the safety life cycle of the machine.
  • Sound commercial acumen and cost awareness with the ability to add value and minimise cost.
  • Experience of managing multi-skilled teams in multi-shift operations in both a Manufacturing/Maintenance as well as contractors/contract labour in a construction environment.
  • Experience in managing external service providers.
  • Proven experience of vehicle builds and delivery processes and procedures.
  • Thorough understanding of Engineering/Manufacturing Processes, Tools and Techniques.